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pre-cancerous lesions of the vocal folds

carcinoma of the vocal folds

The most common site for laryngeal carcinoma are the vocal folds; they are the voice sound source, therefore even a small lesion can cause early symptoms as the voice sound will be impaired. If a voice impairment lasts longer than 2-3 weeks it is advisable to consult an otolaryngologist or phoniatrician to ascertain the vocal folds conditions. As the diagnosis of glottic carcinoma and of pre-cancerous lesions is an early one, a mini invasive trans-oral treatment can be performed in most cases.

The laser CO2  with robotic Acublade technology allows a precise excision of the lesion in a single operation without the necessity of further treatments if the lesion can be totally removed under microscopic vision.  The CO2  laser has the best technical characteristics to avoid heat injury to the healthy tissue surrounding the neoplastic lesion. Avoiding thermic injury is crucial to preserve the voice as much as possible.

The type of tissue excision depends on the depth and extension of the neoplastic lesion. Voice therapy is of help after surgery, but rehabilitation can be achieved also by augmenting the resected vocal fold by surgical techniques such as the autologous fat injection that allows to re-establish volume and elasticity in the scarred vocal fold, if needed.