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This is a mini-invasive technique that allows to correct a deviation of the nasal septum visualizing the surgical field on a monitor by the use of a rigid endoscope of small diameter connected to a high definition videocamera.

In this way the surgeon can better perform a limited excision of the deviated cartilage and bone keeping intact the main structure of the septum as much as possible.

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and usually the patient will stay in the clinic for about 24 hours.

In most cases a soft nasal packing is placed in the nasal fossae for about 24 hours or less and is removed prior to discharge.

In most patients a correction of turbinate hypertrophy is performed during the same operation, utilizing the endoscopic technique as a guidance.

Time of hospital stay and post-surgery recovery time are about the same as just performing only a septoplasty.